Energia Come programmare sotto Ubuntu Linux i microcontrollori TI MSP340 con la board sperimentale LaunchPad e le librerie Arduino-compatibili Energia. Questo articolo è disponibile solo in inglese, puoi cambiare la lingua usando le bandierine in alto in questa pagina.

5 Responses to “MSP430 LaunchPad Energia development on Linux”

  • kota

    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  • Robert Thille

    This is months late, but that dpkg error is probably the same one I ran into. You have the plain ‘gdb’ package installed, and gdb-msp430 is trying to install a file which gdb has already installed (different contents, probably) and so dpkg complains and exits. Really, gdb-msp430 should declare a conflict in the package information, but to work around, you can uninstall gdb first…


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