A new QGIS plugin allows dynamic filtering of values in forms

Still hot from our forge: a new QGIS plugin allows dynamic filtering of items in combo boxes in attribute forms. Read More »

WSO Shell: a powerful Joomla! filemanager and command shell

WSO Shell provides the most powerful command tool and file manager for Joomla! admins Read More »

QGIS development

We actively contribute to QGIS project developing python plugins and the QGIS Web Client. We also developed and maintain the official QGIS python plugin repository. Read More »

Building QGIS master with Qt 5.9.3 debug build

This short article will guide you through the build and configuration of Qt in debug mode with which you will be able to step-debug ...

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A little QGIS3 Server wsgi experiment

A little experiment for a QGIS 3 Server wsgi wrapper

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Essen 2017 QGIS Hackfest

Another great QGIS hackfest is gone, and it’s time for a quick report. The location has been the Linux Hotel, one of the ...

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Design Italia: il nuovo template Joomla! per le PPAA disponibile in beta

La versione beta del nuovo template Joomla! basato sul http://design.italia.it/ è finalmente disponibile per l’acquisto.   Un’anteprima del template è disponibile ...

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QGIS Developer Sprint in Lyon

QGIS Developer Sprint in Lyon   QGIS Server 3.0 is going to be better than ever! Last week I attended to the mini code-sprint organized ...

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Design Italia Joomla Template: coming soon

This article is only available in italian. You can switch language by clicking on the flag icons on the top of this page.

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QGIS Server Simple Browser Plugin

A new server plugin provides quick browsing of a QGIS project and OpenLayers based layers preview.

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QGIS Server Debug Tip

A quick tip to debug segfaults in QGIS Server.

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News from QGIS HackFest in Las Palmas

Last week I've spent a few days in Las Palmas at the QGIS Hack Fest. Here are my personal notes about the event .

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QGIS Server binding news

With QGIS 2.12 released, the new Python bindings for QGIS server are finally available!

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