Open Source support

Mastering a constantly growing list of mainstream open source technologies, our services range from feasibility studies and analysis to software development, assistance and training or education.

  • CMS:
    • Joomla! / Joomla FAP
    • WordPress
    • Django / GeoDjango Framework
  • WebGIS
    • GeoEXT
    • QGIS WebClient & QGIS Server
    • OpenLayers
    • TileStache
    • P.mapper
    • MapServer
    • MapStorer
  • Database
    • PostgreSQL / PostGIS
    • MySQL
  • Desktop GIS
    • QGIS
    • GRASS
We also provide system administration services on Linux platform to SMEs and individuals, and organize public events in order to spread and promote open source ideals.

Products internally developed and supported

We internally developed a few products that we sell and support directly or through our partners network.