Still in the process of learning jQuery, I’m writing a DHTML form builder, the target audience is non experienced users that should be able to build simple forms that will be used by another application.

FormBuilder example

This form builder is based on several jQuery plugins, and has the following features:

  • validation support
  • preview
  • in-place editing of labels and descriptions
  • support for text fields, text area, select, checkboxes and radio buttons
  • internationalisation support (currently it and en languages are supported)

Persistance of the generated form is left to the programmer, in my final application, the XHTML code will be sent to the server through an ajax call.

An interesting review of similar softwares is avaliable at Ajaxian

You can give it a shot at the following address:

7 Responses to “A DHTML form builder based on jQuery”

  • Alessandro Pasotti

    I just have no time to make a release, sorry (too busy with many other open and closed source projects).

    Feel free to contact me if you want to donate some money in order to make a GPL’ed public release.

  • Mavimo

    sarei interessato al codice per l’espansione e la creazione di un IDE più amplio da sfruttare in altri progetti OS, ovviamente solo nel caso intenda rilasciare il codice secondo licenza GPL, altrimenti vedrò di dirottarmi verso altri codice.