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QgsServerInterface Class Referenceabstract

Class defining the interface made available to server plugins. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual QgsRequestHandlerrequestHandler ()=0/KeepReference/
virtual QgsCapabilitiesCachecapabiblitiesCache ()=0/KeepReference/
virtual void registerFilter (QgsServerFilter *filter/Transfer/, int priority=0)=0
virtual QString getEnv (const QString &name) const =0

Detailed Description

Class defining the interface made available to server plugins.

This class provides methods to access the request handler and the capabilties cache. A method to read the environment variables set in the main FCGI loop is also available. Plugins can add listeners (instances of QgsServerFilter) with a certain priority through the registerFilter( QgsServerFilter* , int) method.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QgsCapabilitiesCache* QgsServerInterface::capabiblitiesCache ( )
pure virtual

Returns the capabilities cache

virtual QString QgsServerInterface::getEnv ( const QString &  name) const
pure virtual

Return an environment variable set by FCGI

virtual void QgsServerInterface::registerFilter ( QgsServerFilter *filter/Transfer/  ,
int  priority = 0 
pure virtual

Register a filter with the given priority. The filter's requestReady() and responseReady() methods will be called from the loop

virtual QgsRequestHandler* QgsServerInterface::requestHandler ( )
pure virtual

Returns the current request handler

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