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QgsRequestHandler Class Referenceabstract

This class is an interface hiding the details of reading input and writing output from/to a wms request mechanism. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual void setHeader (const QString &name, const QString &value)=0
virtual int removeHeader (const QString &name)=0
virtual void clearHeaders ()=0
virtual QByteArray body ()
virtual void appendBody (const QByteArray &body)=0
virtual void clearBody ()=0
virtual void setInfoFormat (const QString &format)=0
virtual bool responseReady () const =0
virtual bool exceptionRaised () const =0
QMap< QString, QString > parameterMap ()
virtual void setParameter (const QString &key, const QString &value)=0
virtual int removeParameter (const QString &key)=0
virtual QString parameter (const QString &key) const =0
QString format () const
QString infoFormat () const
virtual void setServiceException (QgsMapServiceException ex/Transfer/)=0

Detailed Description

This class is an interface hiding the details of reading input and writing output from/to a wms request mechanism.

Examples of possible mechanisms are cgi Get, cgi Post, SOAP or the usage as a standalone command line executable

Member Function Documentation

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::appendBody ( const QByteArray &  body)
pure virtual

Append the bytestream to response body

virtual QByteArray QgsRequestHandler::body ( )

Returns the response body

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::clearBody ( )
pure virtual

Clears the response body

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::clearHeaders ( )
pure virtual

Delete all HTTP headers

virtual bool QgsRequestHandler::exceptionRaised ( ) const
pure virtual

Pointer to last raised exception

QString QgsRequestHandler::format ( ) const

Return the image format

QString QgsRequestHandler::infoFormat ( ) const

Return the format string as requested by the client

virtual QString QgsRequestHandler::parameter ( const QString &  key) const
pure virtual

Return a request parameter

QMap<QString, QString> QgsRequestHandler::parameterMap ( )

Return a copy of the parsed parameters as a key-value pair, to modify a parameter setParameter( const QString &key, const QString &value) and removeParameter(const QString &key) must be used

virtual int QgsRequestHandler::removeHeader ( const QString &  name)
pure virtual

Remove an HTTP header

virtual int QgsRequestHandler::removeParameter ( const QString &  key)
pure virtual

Remove a request parameter

virtual bool QgsRequestHandler::responseReady ( ) const
pure virtual

Check wether there is any header set or the body is not empty

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::setHeader ( const QString &  name,
const QString &  value 
pure virtual

Set an HTTP header

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::setInfoFormat ( const QString &  format)
pure virtual

Set the info format string such as "text/xml"

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::setParameter ( const QString &  key,
const QString &  value 
pure virtual

Set a request parameter

virtual void QgsRequestHandler::setServiceException ( QgsMapServiceException ex/Transfer/  )
pure virtual

Allow plugins to return a QgsMapServiceException

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