QGIS Server Simple Browser Plugin

A new server plugin provides quick browsing of a QGIS project and OpenLayers based layers preview.

Today I’m releasing the first version of QGIS Server Simple Browser Plugin, a simple Server plugin that generates a browsable table of contents of the project’s layers and a link to an OpenLayers map.


How it works

The plugin adds an XSL stylesheet to GetProjectsettings XML response, the generated HTML looks like this:


QGIS Server Browser TOC Tree

The openlayers format

The map preview is generated by adding a new application/openlayers FORMAT option to GetMap requests, the generated map automatically fits to the layer’s extent and has basic GetFeatureInfo

QGIS Server Browser TOC Preview


The current version only supports EPSG:4326 that must be available (enabled) on the server.

Source code and download

The plugin is available on the official repository: ServerSimpleBrowser
The code is on GitHub.

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6 Responses to “QGIS Server Simple Browser Plugin”

  • Danny Jensen

    Hey Allesandro. The plugin seems to be broken. “Module object has no attribute. ‘ClassFactory'”. QGIS 2.14.

  • Alessandro Pasotti

    Hi Danny,

    This plugin is for QGIS Server, it has no ClassFactory but ServerClassFactory.

    BTW, I know that I should add a fake one, just to avoid errors/warnings when loaded in QGIS Desktop.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Danny Jensen

    Ah of course. I´m running my server (Unbuntu 14.04) first by generating the project within QGIS and then placing the project with fcgi-file. I thought I could to the trick within QGIS 2.14 with your plugin.

    – Danny

  • Alessandro Pasotti

    Currently, the plugin has no configuration, that’s why it has no desktop interface.

    BTW, I’m adding a minimal interface (an about window) right now, the error should go away.

    Keep us posted about your experiments with the plugin!