QGIS recently added new WMS server capabilities to its software stack. Breaking into the server world, the new server can read a QGIS project project file and serve maps to the internet. This amazing new feature, really brings QGIS users to a new set of possibilities.

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Today I found some time to test some new amazing QGIS features. One of the most interesting additions is the WMS integrated server. I usually test all new projects in my user directory, I created a folder ‘~/public_html/qgis-client/’ to host this test. Next step was to enable CGI handling, since I run apache under Linux and all I had to do was to create a file named ‘.htaccess’ in the ‘~/public_html’ folder:
AddHandler cgi-script .fcgi .cgi
Options +ExecCGI
SetEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /home/myuser/app/lib
This few lines, enable CGI and add a search path to the library loader, this was necessary for the handler to load my QGIS trunk build, located in ‘~/app/’. Now I needed to symlink the qgis-mapserv.fcgi executable into the project folder:
cd ~/public_html/qgis-client/
ln -s ~/app/bin/qgis_mapserv.fcgi .
~/app/bin/wms_metadata.xml .
vim ~/app/bin/wms_metadata.xml
The last command allows the customization of the GetCapabilities response. I was now able to serve a qgis project with the WMS protocol, the project location can be specified with the map parameter, like this: