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Last week I participated to the QGIS hackfest in Lisbon. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, most of whom I’ve only known by email or chat. I was also very happy to meet Tim Sutton, release manager of QGIS, I’ve spent two month within a project with him without having ever met in person. The meeting has been carefully organised by Giovanni Manghi and Vania Nieves, both from Faunalia PT. The faculty of letters in the university of Lisbon was the location of the meeting, a nice place to stay, just a little bit too warm in these days. The atmosphere was that of a friend’s meeting, informal but very professional when discussing the future plans of the QGIS platform: most of the developers are not working full time on QGIS but the concentration of talented professionals in the room was really impressive. My role in the story is related to the periferic functions of the new python plugins web application: I’ve been the main developer of that application, it is based on Django, the platform I’m working on since two years now. I’ve been lucky and in Lisbon I met two very skilled young developers which demonstrated a strong interest in helping out with polishing and completing the application. So, thanks to Richard and Ricardo (this is their name) the new QGIS web application will hopefully grow quickly and with a lot of new cool features. The conclusion is that this Lisbon hackfest has been a very intensive and interesting meeting, I really hope that I will be able to participate at the next one, that will take place in Zurich next fall