How to slice a big GEOTIFF raster into smaller tiles using gdal and PHP

This short script convert a single GEOTIFF raster file in smaller tiles, suitable for tileindex in MapServer.


The script calls external programs such as gdalinfo and gdal_translate, hence you will need a working installation of gdal library and all the utilities that come with the library.


If you also want to produce overviews at a given scale, comment out the exit line and add you desired scales to the “scales” array.

if($argc != 3){
die("Usage: {$argv[0]} filename desired_square_dimension_in_map_units\n");

$file_name = $argv[1];
$square = $argv[2];

$info = `gdalinfo $file_name`;

foreach(split("\n", $info) as $i){
if(strpos($i, 'Lower Left') !== false){
preg_match_all('/\d+\.\d+/', $i, $res);
$ll_x = $res[0][0];
$ll_y = $res[0][1];
if(strpos($i, 'Upper Right') !== false){
preg_match_all('/\d+\.\d+/', $i, $res);
$ur_x = $res[0][0];
$ur_y = $res[0][1];

// Extent
$x_ext = $ur_x - $ll_x;
$y_ext = $ur_y - $ll_y;

// Fit square
$iter_x = floor($x_ext / $square);
$iter_y = floor($y_ext / $square);

$square_x = floor($x_ext / $iter_x);
$square_y = floor($y_ext / $iter_y);

// Iter
$iter_x = floor($x_ext / $square_x);
$iter_y = floor($y_ext / $square_y);

$tiles_number = $iter_x * $iter_y;

print "Coords ($ll_x, $ll_y) - ($ur_x, $ur_y)\n";
print "Ext ($x_ext) - ($y_ext)\n";
print "Producing $iter_x x $iter_y = $tiles_number tiles for $square_x x $square_y\n";

for($ix = 0 ; $ix < $iter_x; $ix++){ $tile_llx = $ix * $square_x + $ll_x; $tile_urx = $tile_llx + $square_x; for($iy = 0 ; $iy < $iter_y; $iy++){ $tile_lly = $iy * $square_y + $ll_y; $tile_ury = $tile_lly + $square_y; print "Tiling \t($ix, $iy)\t($tile_llx, $tile_lly) - ($tile_urx, $tile_ury) \n"; // Tile filename //$tilename = "$tile_llx-$tile_lly-$tile_urx-$tile_ury.tif" // Proj wants UL LR $tilename = "$tile_llx-$tile_ury-$tile_urx-$tile_lly.tif"; `gdal_translate -of GTiff -projwin $tile_llx $tile_ury $tile_urx $tile_lly $file_name $tilename`; } } // Remove exit and define scales if you want to produce overviews at defined scales exit(); // Build overviews $scales = array(1000000, 500000); // Conversion $dpi = 72; // Screen resolution in meters: pixel/meter of screen $dpm = 0.0254 / $dpi; $scale_pix = array(); foreach($scales as $s){ $scale_pix[] = $s * $dpm; } //var_dump($scale_pix); $i = 0; foreach($scale_pix as $sp){ $ovfile = 'OVV-' . $scales[$i++] . '-' . floor($sp) .'.tif'; `gdalwarp -of GTiff -rc -tr $sp $sp $file_name $ovfile`; }

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2 Responses to “Producing tiles from a GEOTIFF Raster with PHP and gdal”

  • hendra

    how about process step by step
    from instalation gdal to produce tiles?

    i’m not understand how to using gdal on web server (xampp, ms4w etc) and how to using python on this funcion?

    i want to make a module for produce tiles using ms4w web server and using gdal. but it’s first time to me.

    please help!!