PowerTags is a new Joomla! component that let you easily add Tags to articles, weblinks and events (managed by the Eventlist component). The component is professionally supported and actively developed, it is released under AGPL license and is available for download for a small fee which will be used to maintain and further develop the component and to provide quick and efficient assistance to the users.


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Key features

Tags can be used to freely organize Joomla! content items (Tagged Items) in a more simple manner, you can attach multiple Tags to a single item and build a menu-like structure with the Tags using the dedicated Modules. Another module can be used to show a tag-cloud and another one can be used to show related items (items that share the same Tags). Adding tags to item is super-simple: Ajax powered live-search alllows you to scan the existing Tags while you type and to select matching Tags from a list, to reduce the risk of typos and duplicated Tags.
Attaching and detching tags to an Article

Attaching and detching tags to an Article

Items can be tagged from the Back-End (control panel) and even from the Front-End (public site) (if a view is available for that component).
Style is important, you can associate a different icon to every Tag to style them differently. What makes this component unique among other tagging tools in the Joomla! galaxy is the level of assistance (this is really what people pays for), its ease of use, its configurability and its rich set of features.


PowerTags for Joomla! is open source software, distributed under AGPL software license and it is also free software, where “free” means that you can do (almost) whatever you want with this software but it does not mean that it costs nothing. We distribute the component only in bundle with paid 12 month support service that costs  15 €. To receive a copy of PowerTags you are kindly requested to pay us  15 €, using the buttons located at the top or at the bottom of this page. You will receive a regular invoice at the end of the month. After a successful payment,  an email with the download link will be automatically sent to you PayPal’s account email address. The money you give us will be used to further develop PowerTags and to provide professional assistance and support to those that will need it. Together with 12 months support you will receive software updates for the same period of time, that means that you can pay just once and use the software forever in how many Joomla installations you like. Please use the PayPal link at the top of this page, after a successful payment a download link will be sent you automatically. Thank you for supporting PowerTags project!

Refund policy

We provide a 7 days refund policy (one week), if you are not satisfied with PowerTags you can ask for a refund within 7 days from the purchase and you will get a full refund (we will only keep the small transaction fees and only in case PayPal charge us for those).

4 Responses to “Power Tags for Joomla”

  • tasos

    Hello.power tag working ok with joomshopping?can i search by tag with my universal ajax search?please tell me and i provide buy the product.thanks for help

  • Serge

    Dear Alessandro,
    I’m impressed with your extension and I’d like to buy it.
    But let me ask before purchase
    “Items can be tagged from the Back-End (control panel) and even from the Front-End (public site) (if a view is available for that component)”

    Can author of an article add/edit tags on Front End using your component IF general Joomla settings does NOT allow author to edit article itself ?

    Thanks in advance for your comment !
    Waiting for reply,
    Kind regards,