I’ve commited into mapstorer svn a new plugin that allows automatic
configuration of p.mapper webgis 2.1.1 from mapstorer maps (an independent
installation of p.mapper 2.1.1 is required).

Although the current version of .pmapper use different configuration files, it should not be too difficult to update the plugin for the current p.mapper version.


This plugin adds the following features:

  • Pmapper configuration
  • Automatic reference map

This plugin handles p.mapper 2.1.1 .ini configuration file. It also adds a trigger on mapstorer export mapfile function that will keep p.mapper .ini file and mapfile in sync.

Do not forget to export the mapfile and restart p.mapper to activate the new configuration.

Configuration files for p.mapper are saved on a mapfile base: the mapfile name ({MAPFILE_NAME}) is used as a base for creating configuration directory (called “project” in p.mapper slang).

The p.mapper .ini file will be saved as config_{MAPFILE_NAME}.ini and the custom js and php files are saved in config/{MAPFILE_NAME}/ directory. These directories must be writeable by the web server user.


Warning: switching off layer queryability could provoke loss of data in case you have set up a “real” template file path for the layer, in such case, the content of the TEMPLATE field will be cancelled.

Warning: enabling automatic reference map creation, will overwrite existing reference maps whenever you update map object record.

Warning: this plugin is ALPHA quality code (works for me), and is not supported.


Find it in the latest MapStorer SVN: www.mapstorer.org

2 Responses to “Masptorer – P.mapper webgis plugin released”

  • herie

    i’am beginner in ussing p.mapper. at now i still used 1.2.0 version.
    i have problem in Posgis connection at js_custom.php

    in standart script with shapefile is
    searchList[‘blok’] = new Array(”, ‘#blok’, ”,”);

    give me example script with postgis data if have similar name


  • Alessandro Pasotti

    Wrong place to ask such a question: both p.mapper and mapstorer have their own mailing lists, try asking there.