I’ve recently discovered that the good old HtmlPurifier content plugin for Joomla wasn’t working with the latest Joomla 2.5.x due to some subtle changes in the Joomla autoloader stuff. I had to patch the plugin to store spl_autoload_functions before registering its own functions, the library method hit a PHP issue which prevents re-registering of spl abstract methods which were registerd by a private constructor of a child class: this definitely makes sense but in this case it’s just an idle complication. The patched plugin is available for download from my github project page, please report any issue on the tracker.

2 Responses to “HtmlPurifier plugin for Joomla 2.5”

  • Alessandro

    Ciao Alessandro,
    ho provato ad installare il plugin ma mi dà quest’errore:
    “Errore nel caricamento di questo file nel server”
    La versione di Joomla installata sul sito è la 2.5.1.
    Da cosa può dipendere quest’errore?
    Grazie mille

  • David

    Just wanted to say thanks for this. I was able to use your code to fix a similar Joomla 2.5 incompatibility with CiviCRM’s PDF print function. Saved me. Thanks!