How to build an uncompressed debug version of GeoExt.

After struggling for a while with a nasty bug in my GeoExt-based code, I’ve managed to build an uncompressed version. Strangely enough there is no way to download an uncompressed version from the project website, even if they provide a nice custom build form. The recommended way is to use “jsbuild“, which turned to be a nightmare because it does not run out-of-the-box, at least on my Ubuntu lucid. A one-liner did the trick, run it from a “build” folder under GeoExt main folder, the correct order of inclusion (which does really matter) is taken from the “single” file GeoExt.js.
for f in $(egrep '"GeoExt/' ../lib/GeoExt.js|sed -e 's/"//g'|sed -e 's/,//g') ; do cat "../lib/$f" ; done > GeoExt-debug.js

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