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In the past few days I’ve been actively working on a new GeoCoding python plugin for the open source GIS software QGIS. This new plugin allows a user to obtain geographic coordinates of a location knowing its address, the geocoding process is handled by Google webservices. Additionally, GeoCoding plugin allows “reverse geocoding”, i.e. to obtain an address, from the point coordinates (clic on the map canvas). All geocoded points are automatically added to a point layer. You can find the new plugin on QGIS the 3rd parties repository.

16 Responses to “GeoCoding QGIS plugins released”

  • Peter


    thank you for the Geocoding Plugin for QGIS. Where do i have to copy the jar files of Json?

    Greetings, Peter

  • Jonathan Piraux


    Really nice tool. Very usefull to add some important easly on a map.

    If you want to improve this plugin, it could be nice that the plugin would give you the choise when there are different localisation possible instead to answer with an error.

    For example I tried to located the university of Vienna but I can’t because it seems that there is 2 different solutions.

    Here is the adress if you want to try:Doktor Karl Lueger Ring 1 1010 Wien, Austria

    and here is the error I got: There was an error with the geocoding service:
    Didn’t find exactly one placemark! (Found 2.)

    Thanks for All


  • masterqmann

    hi all i am also desperately looking for a sample adress line which works.
    additionally i am search for a batch possibility to geocode around 10k addresses.

    many thanks,

  • Alessandro Pasotti


    this plugin was developed in my spare time, nobody funded its development, so I’m not going to invest more time on it.

    If you have a budget for further developments, feel free to send me an email.

    Most of search strings that work on maps.google.com will also work with the plugin but the plugin will fail when a single exact location cannot be found.

  • Sam Flint


    I’m having a problem trying to add the geocoding plugin for QGIS.

    QGIS doesn’t detect the plugin and your link at the top of the page doesn’t work either.

    Is it still available?

  • Guillaume

    is the plugin running under Mac OSX and Qgis 1.7.4 ?
    i did not succeed to use it. even the “about” windows can’t be shown.
    anybody has an idea to help me ?

  • BS Epidemio

    The link above “You can find the new plugin on Qgis the 3rd parties repository.” doesn’t work. Is it related to maintenance ? The plugin downloaded from Qgis fetch plugin is working well.
    I m looking for geocoding of adresses in batch for example store as table into Qgis. Is there any new devellopement on this side ?
    Thank in advance for the response, have nice day. B.

  • Alessandro Pasotti

    Thanks for signaling the broken link, I’ve updated it right now to point at the new plugin repository (funny because I’m the author of that new plugin repository).

    Sorry there has been no further development on the GeoCoding plugin for lack of funding. If you can provide some funds I would be happy to add batch geocoding functionality for the plugin.

  • Claudio Ramos

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the very good work you’ve done.
    I’m getting a problem with the google API key. I have the last version and I can’t find here to insert the API.

    Thanks for your help


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