Step by step guide on how to compile mplayer for the uNSLUng (linux embedded OS)


The main reason for this was that I wanted to download Real Audio streams and listen them later, mplayer can download those streams. To listen them you need library (AFAIK only available for x86 architecture), but this is not a problem, since I will listen them later on a full Linux box.

See also my project page about Stream Downloader

Step by step guide

  1. Login into the slug (here running firmware V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5-beta) as normal user
  2. become rootsu
  3. install the native toolchain ipkg install unslung-devel
  4. return normal userexit
  5. get mplayer sources wget
  6. untar && cd tar -xjvf MPlayer-1.0pre7try2.tar.bz2
  7. cd to the untarred folder cd Mplayer-1.0pre7try2
  8. configure ./configure --prefix=/opt[note: you will miss most binary codecs, available only for x86 arch.]
  9. alter makefile in libavcodeccd libavcodec vi Makefile alter the CFLAGS line adding -O2:# NOTE: -I.. is needed to include config.h CFLAGS=$(OPTFLAGS) -O2 -DHAVE_AV_CONFIG_H -I.. -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_GNU_SOURCE $(AMR_CFLAGS)
  10. return to parent foldercd ..
  11. compilemake
  12. go watch a movie
  13. become rootsu
  14. installmake install
  15. return a normal userexit
  16. testmplayer -ao null -vc dummy -vo null -noframedrop -dumpfile out.rm -dumpstream rtsp://
  17. try listening the saved stream, to do so you should copy out.rm to a full linux box, and run mplayer out.rmat this point you should hear the recorded stream, you can now convert it in mp3 or other formats using mplayer on the full linux box.

Tested on a turboSLUG

Further development

I’m working on a web frontend, to schedule downloads and transfer them anywhere. Please drop a line here if you wish to contribute.

2 Responses to “Compile mplayer on uNSLUng”

  • Rob Briggs


    I´m trying to get mplayer up and running on my unslung slug but as a Linux newbie, I don´t really know what I´m doing.

    I keep hitting the same error:
    Error: Cannot find header either inttypes.h or bitypes.h (see DOCS/HTML/en/faq.html).
    I´m not getting any further looking in the FAQ and searching the web you seem to be the only person who has documented anything.

    Is there any chance yuo could lend me a hand.


    Robert Briggs

  • Alessandro Pasotti

    Well, it seems you did’nt install the development toolchain:
    try ipkg install unslung-devel

    try also, see my results here

    //NLSU2/home/ale# find / -name bitypes.h

    //NLSU2/home/ale# find / -name inttypes.h

    Hope it helps