Competence and passion for Information Technology

ItOpen was born in 2001 to join under a unique brand a group of Information Technology free lancers and professionals. Our phylosophy is bound to free software, where we see an incredible potential for reliable and affordable solutions.

Open Source

Open source is our mission, we strongly believe that software is a form of knowledge, hence it should be freely available as ideas are.

The Passion that drives us

We come from a wide range of professional experiences, and we have chosen this activity in order to follow our passion: we believe this is a core point in the way we approach our job.

The Team

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Alessandro Pasotti

Alessandro Pasotti:
  • Has a degree with honor in agricultural sciences with a work about smart systems developed in Pascal
  • Has a career in the R&D sector of an important multinational company and a brief experience as a company manager
  • IT enthusiast and in particular of the GNU/Linux operating system since 1994. He realized several applications for companies where he worked, also leading the migration to an Open Source stack
  • For itOpen he takes care of marketing, software development and administration of GNU/Linux systems. He is the responsible for the translation of the KDE_PIM package
Giovanni Manghi:
  • Biologist specialized in Conservation Biology
  • Partner and charter member of the OSGeo Foundation – Open Source Geospatial Foundation
  • Founding partner of OSGeo Portugal – Portuguese Geographic Free and Open-Source Software Association
  • Over 10 years of experience in Open Source GIS
Giovanni Manghi

Giovanni Manghi

Luigi Pirelli

Luigi Pirelli

Luigi Pirellli:
  • Computer Science Designer and Developer with several years of experience in Earth Observation Systems and Ground Station segment
  • During last years started to contribute to the Italian Geographic Free Software community adding code to the the GRASS and QGIS project and resulting founder of the GFOSS Italian Local Chapter
Alexander Bruy
  • QGIS core developer and Open Source GIS advocate
  • Co-founder of the TSNUK GeoForAll Lab
  • OSGeo Charter member and QGIS community voting member. Over 10 years of experience in open source GIS
Alexander Bruy

Alexander Bruy

Paul Blottiere

Paul Blottiere

Paul Blottiere
  • Paul is a GIS software engineer with a pronounced passion for teaching and training.
  • Paul is a QGIS core committer and system administrator for the OGC certifications infrastructure of QGIS Server.
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Address: Via Bealera Peyrota, 32 – LUSERNA SAN GIOVANNI (TO) (ITALY)
VAT: 04091660961