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WSO Shell: a powerful Joomla! filemanager and command shell

WSO Shell brings you the most powerful command tool and file manager for Joomla! admins Read More »

QGIS development

We actively contribute to QGIS project developing python plugins and the QGIS Web Client. We also developed and maintain the official QGIS python plugin repository. Read More »
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GeoContent Joomla component ready for 2.5 and 3.x

GeoContent Plus is a Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x component that let you easily embed beautiful Google Maps or OpenLayers Maps into your Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x website.

GeoContent gives ... Read More »

Geocoding with GDAL: building an API

This is the second part (read the first part) of my GDAL geocoding experiments, here I’m trying to build an API that makes ...

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Geocoding with GDAL

GDAL library has an API which provides geocoding capabilities using webservices, supported providers are: OSM_NOMINATIM, MAPQUEST_NOMINATIM, YAHOO, GEONAMES or BING. I’ve ...

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WeasyPrint: a powerful PDF engine in pure python

After several years using HTML2PDF and pisa, I recently discovered (and contributed to) WeasyPrint: the most promising HTML to PDF python conversion tool ...

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QGIS Hackfest Vienna

Just back from the QGIS Hackfest! This time, the event took place within the OSGEO Code Sprint, it was great to meet all the ...

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The Code Sprint Venue

QGIS Server setup notes

Recently I’ve been working with QGIS Mapserver as my preferred platform for Web-GIS production. I’m a proud member of the QGIS community ...

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XML and XSLT accessibility

This article is only available in italian and demonstrates with tests and discussions that the most common automatic accessibility validators do not support XML + ...

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FileLink Joomla! 3 plugin: file attachments made simple

Joomla! 3 default editor lacks a fondamental feature that allows a user to attach a file to the article's body without previously knowing the http ...

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Learning kivy the easy way

Last month I started learning  kivy, kivy is an exciting Python framework for building rich interactive applications ready to run on different platforms, currently ...

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LED POV magic with MSP430

This simple project exploits the Persistence Of Vision (POV) of 8 LEDS connected to a port on the MSP430G2211 MCU, this is the chip ...

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LaunchPad MSP430G2452-v1.5

openchronos Hello World tutorial

  This short tutorial is about getting started with the development of OpenChronos NG firmware for the eZ430Chronos watch under Ubuntu Linux LTS. ...

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