This short note, describes how to set up and get Mambelfish running with Joomla 1.0.8 Stable

Got lost at the fish market?

For who doesn’t knows it, mamblefish is just a patch (a real patch to the core) to throw mambo (and hence joomla) to the multilingual world. There is a project on joomla forge which aim is to port mamblefish to joomla, but the proud developer forgot tu put any release online. That’s why I spent a few hours trying to find a working copy of this damned joomfish, that is the joomla strain of mambelfish. I’ve had no luck, until I found an interesting post. This pointed me into the right direction…

Step by step you come to a stop…

Unfortunately, the times goes by, we now reached 1.0.8 release of joomla, and the patch doesn’t work anymore… Ok, stop talking, this is my solution:
  • Follow the instructions on the above mentioned post
  • When patching the core joomla.php, don’t use the original patch but use this patch instead.
It just works for me… I really hope it works for you too.