With a contribution of more than 4000 code lines, ItOpen enters in the development team of MapStorer, a Web front-end for mapserver mapfiles creation

mapstorer logo
The foss4g meeting in Lausanne was a unique opportunity to meet other MapStorer developers and to discuss the new code contributions and the poject roadmap.

It the last few months, ItOpen contributed to MapStorer project in the following areas:

  • new PEAR::MDB2 database abstracion layer and PostgreSQL port
  • complete rewrite of the configuration system
  • implementation of the authentication system
  • new AJAX based plugin system that allows to add new functionality without altering the core
  • DB backup plugin
  • PostGIS plugin
  • many bug fix

After this big code contribution, ItOpen is now in the development team and a proud member of the steering comitee of MapStorer.