Several tools exists to help maintaining and configuring mapserver mapfiles. MapStorer is a good example. All of the available tools provide a nice GUI and a storage database adapter.

What seems to be missing at the moment is a restful service. We’ve started working on a project that could fill this gap.

Recently, we’ve been actively working on a restful mapfile configuration service.

The advantages of such a system are those of typical webservice:

  • fully decoupled from the GUI, the GUI could be written in any language that talks REST
  • plain text mapfiles as the storage system

The service is being written in PHP and the RESTFUL part is managed with PHP Tonic library.

A few examples of typical URLs:

  • GET – retrieve a list of mapfiles
  • POST – creates a new mapfile with the JSON data passed on post
  • GET – retrieve the map data as JSON
  • GET – retrieve the map data as XML
  • GET – retrieve the map data as plain text mapfile
  • PUT – alter the map with JSON data
  • PUT – alter the map with XML data
  • GET – retrieve the map layers as XML
  • GET – retrieve the map layer data as XML
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