SimpleACL for Joomla! is a simple ACL component that helps to restrict front-end access to particular sections.

What is this thing?

SimpleACL for Joomla helps you to restrict front-end access to particular user/section combinations. You can independently set permission to read, insert, update (and delete) content items based on the section they belongs to.

The component does not override default Joomla roles, those roles are always checked first.

SimpleACL plays only with default com_content component and doesn’t affect other components or modules.

You can set a default access permission and selectively enable/block users to access content items in selected sections.

What can I do with this component?

A typical scenario:

  • Your site is a company site and the company has several departments.
  • Every department has a user who is in charge for editing web content for the department.
  • Every department has its own section for content items.
  • Users should only be able to edit content in their own department.
  • There is a user who is the public relation manager, he must be able to edit content in all sections (without being Administrator).
  • There are some section whose content should be readable only by selected users.

With SimpleACL you can set permissions to selected section/user combinations, this allows you to implement such a fine grained access control.

How it works?

SimpleACL works with an independent database table that hold the permissions for user/section combinations. A system mambot checks those access rules when the user access a content item from the front-end.

Please note that…

  1. Default Joomla roles are not overridden and are always checked first.
  2. SimpleACL work in the front-end only
  3. Only authenticated users are checked for ACLs
  4. “Administrator” or “Super Administrator” user are not checked for ACLs.
  5. There is no group support, hence this component is not suited for systems with many users


AGPL (Affero General Public Licence).


They go in a language file, at the moment only English is in the distribution.


Please consider contributing with some:

  • code
  • bug fix
  • translations
  • food or beverages
  • money
  • compliments and appreciation
  • comments
  • etc. etc.

Download (Joomla < 1.5)

Simple ACL component 1.0.1

Simple ACL mambot 1.0.1

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