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GeoContent Plus is distributed with two plugins:

  1. geocontent_content plugin
  2. geocontent_editors-xtd plugin

both plugins are not strictly necessary for the basic GeoContent Plus functionalities (Overview maps), but they offer additional features like:


The Joomla! plugin manager view with a filter activated on GeoContent Plus plugins.

Content plugin

This plugin is dedicated to Automatic maps, Tag maps and Map Editor Button generation.

Automatic maps can be selectively enabled through a plugin configuration parameter.


The configuration parameters of the content plugin.

Content plugin configuration

Content plugin can be configured with the following options:

Label Name Type Description
Automatic maps automatic_map list Automatic maps are inserted above or below (see other options) the article’s content if the article has one or more linked GeoContent items. You can disable this function in selected articles by inserting {gcmapskip} in the article’s body. - Accepted values: yes (Yes), no (No)
Automatic zoom automatic_zoom list Define if the plugin will automatically zoom the map to include the article’s items. - Accepted values: yes (Yes), no (No)
Automatic center automatic_center list if the plugin will automatically center the map to the article’s items. - Accepted values: yes (Yes), no (No)
Highlight items highlight_items list When activated, automatic map items will be highlighted (not available in Google Maps renderer). - Accepted values: yes (Yes), no (No)
Lat/Long indicator (OL only) show_mouse_position list Shows Lat/Long indicator in top right corner of the map window (OL only) - Accepted values: 1 (Yes), 0 (No)
Front page maps frontpage_enabled list Define if the plugin will show maps in the front-page too. - Accepted values: yes (Yes), no (No)
Default map renderer map_type list Default map type to be used in the maps generated by this plugin - Accepted values: olwidgetmap (OpenLayers (OlWidget)), gmap (Google Map), olmap (OpenLayers)
Position of automatic maps display_position list Position of automatic maps - Accepted values: after_content (After content), before_content (Before content)
Single point zoom map_minzoom list Insert here the zoom level for single points when automatic zoom is activated - Accepted values: 0 (Zoom level 0), 1 (Zoom level 1), 2 (Zoom level 2), 3 (Zoom level 3), 4 (Zoom level 4), 5 (Zoom level 5), 6 (Zoom level 6), 7 (Zoom level 7), 8 (Zoom level 8), 9 (Zoom level 9), 10 (Zoom level 10), 11 (Zoom level 11), 12 (Zoom level 12), 13 (Zoom level 13), 14 (Zoom level 14), 15 (Zoom level 15), 16 (Zoom level 16), 17 (Zoom level 17), 18 (Zoom level 18), 19 (Zoom level 19), 20 (Zoom level 20)
Button text button_text text Map editor button default text, can be overridden by tag parameters.
Redirect to edit form after article save redirect_after_save list If activated, the plugin will redirect to the edit form after a successful article save from the front-end. Permissions must be configured to allow users to edit their own articles. - Accepted values: yes (Yes), no (No)

Editor plugin

This plugin adds a Map Editor Button button to the standard Joomla! article editor window.


The GeoContent Plus button at the bottom of the editor window.