I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of my new Google Maps Joomla component com GeoContent.

This component is for Joomla! 1.5. Please check also the new GeoContentPlus component for Joomla! 1.7+

GeoContent Logo

GeoContent Logo

GeoContentis a new Joomla! 1.5 component that allows embedding Google Maps into a Joomla! website.

Standard Joomla Articles, can be bound to geographic features such as POINTs, LINEs and POLYGONs and the resulting maps can be shown in the article page and in an overview map.

A single article can be represented by more than one geographic type: so that you can have simultaneously a set of POINTS, some POLYGONS and some LINES for a single Joomla article.

Articles on the map are grouped by layers, appearance can be fully customized through layers configuration.

GeoContent requires PHP 5.1.3 or higher with simplexml enabled (which is the default).

Browse the full manual!

Visit the demo site!

20/12/2010- UPDATE: the new version comes with a new GeoCoding module

20/10/2010 – UPDATE: with the new version you can completely control balloon content and hyperlink it to arbitrary URLs

20/08/2009 – UPDATE: the new version has front-end map editing support


ComGeocontent is open source software, distributed under AGPL software license and it is also free software, where “free” means that you can do (almost) whatever you want with this software but it does not mean that it costs nothing. We distribute the component only in bundle with paid 12 month support service that costs 45 €.

To receive a copy of GeoContent you are kindly requested to pay us 45 €, using the buttons located at the top or at the bottom of this page. You will receive a regular invoice at the end of the month.

The money you pay will be used to further develop GeoContent and to provide professional assistance and support to those that will need it.

Together with 12 months support you will get lifetime software updates, that means that you can pay just once and use the software forever in how many Joomla installations you like.

Please use the PayPal link at the bottom of this page, specifying the email where the component will be sent.

Thank you for supporting free software GeoContent project!

Why a new Google Map component? Don’t we have enough already?

Yes, there are many components out there that allow Google Maps embedding into a Joomla website,  and most of them are gratis!.  Nevertheless, I believe that none of them have the unique and full set of features that GeoContent has.

Ok, so what makes GeoContent so unique among Google Maps Joomla components?

Professional support

This component is professionally supported, this means that I will

  • fix bugs
  • provide reliable remote assistance and support on the component for 12 months from your subscription
  • send you all the updates of the component, forever.

Advanced input methods: GPX and direct draw POINTs, POLYGONs and LINEs on the embedded Google Map

Perhaps the coolest feature, is the availability of two advanced input methods for your geographic objects:

  • users can directly draw geographic feature from the control panel through an embedded Google Map editor
  • users can load geographic data from a GPX (standard GPS format) file

KML export

Coming to the output methods, an interesting optional feature is KML export : yes, you can directly publish your GeoContent powered  Joomla! website into Google Earth!

GeoCoding module

The geocoding Joomla! module allows you to to place a form in the page where the users can enter an address  (or a zip code) and optionally select one or more layers. When the user submit the form, she/he is redirected on the GeoContent map, zoomed and centered to the geographic coordinates of the submitted address.

Fully configurable

Since articles are grouped by layers, you can change the appearance of a layer and have all map items that belong to that layer changed accordingly.

For each layer, you can style:

  • Line color
  • Line width
  • Polygon line color
  • Polygon fill color
  • Polygon line transparency
  • Polygon fill transparency
  • Point icon
  • Point icon size (KML only: not supported in the embedded map)

Of course you can configure several aspects of the main map appearance:

  • Table Of Content (TOC) type (hidden, list, select)
  • TOC position (left, top, right, bottom)
  • TOC and main map width (onyl useful for TOC position left and right)
  • Which layers should be activated at start (none, all, selected)
  • Map dimensions
  • KML icon (hide or show)

Flexible binding between geographic objects and Joomla articles

GeoContent allows you to bind articles to the map in several ways:

  • a single article is not tied to a single layer (it can belong to many layers)
  • a single article can be represented by one or more geographic objects: POINT(s), POLYGON(s), LINE(s)


They go in a language file, at the moment only English translation is in the distribution, but you have to translate no more than a dozen of strings to localize the front-end side of the component.


Here below you can see some screenshots of GeoContent editing interface and public map view, there is also a test site here (not much content so far though).

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59 Responses to “GeoContent: a new Google Maps Joomla! component”

  • Alessandro Pasotti


    we are thinking about a 1.6 release, but we are still in the project phase, we would like to change a lot of things (moving to openlayers being the most important).

  • Jim Parker

    Greetings Alessandro,
    I am updating all my sites to 1.7 and really would like to be able to use my license on these sites as well.
    Can you provide some update on where we are on the release date?

  • Alessandro Pasotti

    Hi Jim,

    I will speak frankly: I have good and bad news regarding the future of GeoContent, good new first:

    I’ve started the development of the next generation GeoContent component, it’s 80% new code because Joomla 1.6 changed a lot of internal functions and I took this occasion to completely rewrite most of the source code of the original GeoContent component.

    The new component will have all of the old functionality plus:

    full Joomla 1.6 ACL support
    Google Maps API version 3
    OpenLayers map viewer (OSM and Bing layers in addition to Google)
    better front-end integration
    better configuration options

    This new version is in advanced development stage but still lacks GPX import and it’s completely untested: not ready for release. I hope that I will find the time to complete and release it within the next 2-3 months but I’m still unsure I will succeed.

    Now the bad news.

    GeoContent is a complex and niche component, we sold a very limited amount of assistance/licence 45 € packs (gross price: net is about 37 €) and we spent a lot of development time on it. To make it short: we are very far from recovering the bare development costs. This means that I can only develop this component in my spare time, which is deadly scarce lately.

    We are still in doubt if this new component will be released as a GeoContent update or as a brand new component, changes at the DB level were also necessary and supporting migrations from the old component would be another development and assistance cost.

    If we look at GeoContent from the businessmen point of view we should just discontinue the product.

    So, if you (or any other GeoContent user) feels like this component is important for you, perhaps you could consider donating some money to this task, this would certainly accelerate the release since I would be able do dedicate some payed working hours to the project.

    I don’t like asking for money (I have enough payed projects at this time) so I didn’t send a (small) mass mail to all GeoContent users, should I ?

    Let me know your opinion.

    UPDATE: the new version for Joomla! 1.7.x is currently under testing and will be release soon!

  • Bill Norton

    Any ETA on the new 1.7 version? GeoContent is currently a major component of my Omaha Trails web site (1.5) and I’d like to upgrade to 1.7. Per the previous forum post, I understand the time involved and wouldn’t mind paying a new license fee for the new version.


  • Marten Johansson

    This GIS-extension looks really interesting. I have tested your demo a little bit and now I wonder if it´s possible to let the article-defined icons instead of layer-defined?


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