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TileStache Django tiny wrapper

This is the second part of the story about my experiments with the wonderful TileStache that I started with TileStache and Polymaps SVG experiments. First, I would like to thank Michal for the quick patch inclusion, the Polymaps patch is still waiting for the pull and the Django admin patch is awating for somebody to […]

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Polymaps, TileStache and SVG CSS styling issues

A few days ago I started playing with Polymaps and TileStache, two very promising WebGIS building tools. The final goal of this experiments was the integration with Django. Polymaps Polymaps is a Javascript library aimed to display svg maps in a web page, recently I’ve watched to an interesting talk about a Django-powered app built […]

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OpenStreeetMap and OpenCycleMap extent bookmarklet

Cropped thumbnail

Today I wrote a simple bookmarklet to get the map extent in EPSG:4326 from the wonderful website. It also works on the website. You can just right-click and save it on your bookmarks, the click on the bookmark while in the OpenCycleMap site and a popup will appear with the extent coordinates printed […]

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GeoExt debug build

How to build an uncompressed debug version of GeoExt.

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Right click map control in OpenLayers

Thanks to a post in Spatial Notes Blog I’ve finally found a cross-browser way to handle right click on an OL map, I’ve been using an homebrew solution only to discover how it did not work correctly in MSIE. The proposed solution involves a custom control subclass and the standard OL machinery, the MSIE oddities […]

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P.mapper JS compression

This short note describe a technique to compress JavaScript files in p.mapper WebGIS.
Compressing JS files can speed significantly up loading times in this popular WebGIS client application.

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A DHTML form builder based on jQuery

FormBuilder example

Still in the process of learning jQuery, I’m writing a DHTML form builder, the target audience is non experienced users that should be able to build simple forms that will be used by another application.

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A super-simple JavaScript templating system

Moving from prototype framework to jQuery, I missed the nice templating engine that was available as a prototype plugin. After some testing with the templating plugins for jQuery, I wrote this few lines to have a super-simple templating system readily available.

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