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Serving your map tiles 30 times faster

Recently I’ve been experimenting with TileStache tiles caching system, which is similar to TileCache and other tile caching systems in scope. TileStache revealed itself as a powerful and flexible product and was very good to cache tiles generated with my Django-backed mapscript-powered WMS server. Caching and serving tiles with TileStache was by far faster then […]

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SSH tunnel for postgresql

Nothing new under the sun, but this is how I use it, and I’m reporting it here since I’ve found some misleading indications out on the net. Remote machine is with SSH running on non-standard port 12345 ssh -p12345 -L 3333:localhost:5432 root@ After this, you can connect to port 3333 on localhost to access […]

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Filtering spambots with Apache mod_rewrite

How to seal Apache and leave out spammers

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Impressioni su Virtuo Virtual Private Server

Più spendi meno spendi? Alcune prime (pessime) impressioni sul servizio di hosting Virtuo

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PHP5 come CGI

La stringa di configurazione per permettere a PHP5 di essere correttamente eseguito come CGI.

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Un desktop virtuale con VNC

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VNC é un acronimo per Virtual Network
E` un sistema client/server che mette a disposizione di un utente un desktop.
Questo desktop può essere acceduto da altri computer in rete
e può anche essere condiviso.
Con VNC puoi lavorare su un computer senza esserci per forza
seduto davanti.

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