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KDE on Nokia N810 internet tablet

KDE on N810

Thanks to PenguinBait and his packages, KDE installation on Nokia N810 installation is now possibile, this article targets the italian users since there are a couple of important differences in the installation procedure. The original procedure is described here:

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Maemo Mapper presentato al telemobility forum

Presentazione Maemo Mapper al TMF 2007

This article in not available in English

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N810 The third tablet is out

N810 internet tablet

The new internet tablet was announced two days ago. This is clearly an evolution of the last model N800, but a few substantial differences between the two open new possiblities for alternative use cases of this device. One of the most wanted features for the internet tablet was a sliding keyboard, the new model comes […]

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New firmware release for Nokia N800, finally Skype


The long awaited firmware release, promised for H1 2007 is finally available for download. Among other yet-to-discover new features and improvements, one of the missing pieces of the communication puzzle is finally officially avilable: Skype. What’s new OS 2007 edition v. 4.2007.26-8 includes: Skype client support After downloading the new software for the Nokia N800 […]

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Usare il Nokia N800 come laptop replacement in viaggio

Continuando a sperimentare nel tentativo di alleggerire il mio bagaglio, ho deciso di portare con me al meeting degli utenti italiani di GRASS il mio nuovo N800 corredato da una tastiera bluetooth e un telefono cellulare (mai usato) per eventuali collegamenti in mancanza di copertura wifi.

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N800 ha anche la radio FM

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La dotazione multimediale del Nokia 800 si completa con un sintonizzatore FM

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